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I'm passionate about integrating digital marketing tools that make an impact

Let's be honest, creating a website from scratch can be tough. Creating a digital marketing strategy that accurately represents your business and generates results can be even harder. That's what I do. My passion is understanding the goals of a business and translating them into a digital experience that engages prospects and builds trust with customers. I combine different systems and tools into one consistent and value driven plan. I rally cross-functional teams around a customer journey and I execute. I deliver actionable insight and author transformative data driven engagement strategies that make an impact for businesses big and small.

I create synergy and add value

I'm a marketing guy, not an IT professional which makes me an enthusiastic story-teller. I am measured in everything I do, however, I pride myself on seeing the bigger picture and my ability listen and learn. I always prioritize user journey and put customer service and client experience first. Here are a couple projects where my efforts made an impact.

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Web Content | SEO | Automation
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I don't think like most

I love to brainstorm, tinker and talk. In my world, I am constantly analyzing behavioral data and trying generate new insights. When these insights collide with creative ideas and crazy applications I get really excited. I am always an optimist. I say - let's push the boundary, fail harder and give it a whirl! Here's what's on my mind.

How I built this website

Reflecting on what I'm good at, what I enjoy and an attempt at trying to explain it. See how I photographed and developed the creative for this site.


Help for Small Business

If you're a small business struggling due to COVID-19. I want to help. I'm offering my top seven tips to taking your business online.


The Power of an Energy Exchange

Practicing your professional talents in exchange for someone else's is a great way to get feedback, generate confidence and build community.



Tools I work with and what I do with them


Using Google Search Console I was able to monitor improvements in SEO and apply technical corrections that enabled G4S USA's website to achieve a 40% increase in average search rank YoY.


Authored and managed multiple paid search campaigns for G4S and AMAG. Spend was in excess of $100,000+ (USD) per annum. Using Google Ads achieved a 40% increase in Search Engine Results Page rank and an average CTR of 3%.


Served as national Salesforce trainer and regional contact for Pardot marketing automation in three separate roles at G4S. Pioneered a W2L strategy that produced 50k prospects and 1,200+ sales opportunities in 2020.


I deployed Google Analytics tracking across 20 G4S properties in the Americas and reported monthly on the success of paid search as well as behaviour and acquisition data to support the team's content and organic marketing efforts.


I was responsible for the adoption of Hootsuite in the Americas region for G4S. It was used to align social media scheduling, reporting while enabling local teams to post country specific content in their language. Strategy was established regionally.


Sitecore is a web content management tool I used to publish and manage  24+ websites in North and South America for G4S when serving as the Manager of Digital Marketing. I was the regional lead for this tool.


I have used InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Affects, Premiere Pro, Lightroom, Audition and others for years to create or augment rich media such as imagery for web, podcast recordings, video development and document publishing.


Wix is a cloud based web development service that I have used to create several websites, including this one! Go behind the scenes here to see how I developed this site using my skills in web design, photography and graphic design.


What people say about me

I have worked with Douglas for several years and I would recommend him in a heartbeat. Douglas has an excellent attitude. He is always pushing the envelope and finding innovative ways to support the company and his colleagues. Douglas has a superb grasp of marketing concepts. I rely on Douglas for digital marketing strategy on a daily basis. Not only does Douglas have a good grasp of current marketing concepts but he is always learning, taking courses, researching and trying new things.

Vice President, Marketing, G4S Americas

Making meaningful impact happen.

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