How I built my website

Reflecting on what I'm good at, what I enjoy and an attempt at trying to explain it.


In my professional life I have always had to play within the confines of a set of brand guidelines, and while these have their place, they often come with constraints. At the end of the day someone else is paying the bill and you have to play by their rules. Well, this time I'm footing the tab.


I built this website as an opportunity to flex my skills in digital marketing and exercise my creative juices. While holding a formal education in marketing, most of what I have learned has come as the result of an inquisitive appetite and a yeah-I-can-do-that attitude rather than pulling from tools I learned in my undergrad. Sure, school helps, but it only gets you so far. I don't believe in the idea that school gives you a hammer and a drill to tackle every job. It gives you the capability to think differently, reinvent your tool box and think through a challenge. I taught myself to read HMTL, develop a master page template, cut a podcast, properly expose an image, develop a search campaign and others by copying from others and learning online. In that same spirit, I am happy to share how I came up with this website...

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It started with a color palate concept from a talented designer named Brian Gallagher
I rebuilt all the icons and logos you see on this website in Illustrator to coincide with my color palate and size structure. 
I designed and built a series of master pages in InDesign, aligning documents with my brand colors and theme.
Bench Crop.png
No studio needed! The background for the extended contact footer you see on most pages was photographed on my couch using a live edge board to replicate a desk.
Shoot crop.png
The video reel you see on the homepage was filmed at a dining room table. It was only me so a tripod and creative lighting was essential.
Doug Shoot.png
Sure, I could have purchased a stock image but that would be too easy. This was more personal and features my favorite fly reels.
Desk Cropped.png
Shooting overhead shots for the homepage reel.
Share Image.jpg
Adding text in Photoshop the image is also used throughout the site as a social share image and appears when on a social network
Doug at desk.png
Editing the homepage promo reel in Premiere Pro. The video added a dynamic element to the homepage.

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Are there things you saw on this website that were out of place or wrong? Do you want to know more about how I did certain things or are in need of tips for your own website? Send me a message below and I will be in touch. Thanks for your feedback!

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